Seneca xConnect

xConnect Remote Management Platform allows you to audit, manage, and maintain all aspects of a security installation.

xConnect Remote Management Platform is the latest enhancement to the already impressive Seneca Physical Security line of products. xConnect allows you to audit, manage, and maintain all aspects of a security installation. From camera function to storage integrity, xConnect 2018 puts you in control of your entire environment from a single, intuitive dashboard.

xConnect monitors your security environment with advanced intelligence, and empowers you to manage and maintain each and every function of your installation from a single web-based user interface. While its functionality may be expected to center around the performance monitoring of network video recorders, the application also provides command and control functionality on the device level.

This platform is designed with managed service providers in mind to enable intuitive, but powerful, enterprise level management of one or many security networks through a single pane of glass. Reduce the amount of service calls and truck rolls by getting in front of issues before your end-user realizes that something has happened.

xConnect audit

Temperatures, fan speeds, power supplies

RAID controllers, physical, logical and virtual storage

System utilizations

Application monitoring

Network bandwidth analysis

VMS Log Analysis

xConnect manage

Clientless remote desktop

Secure tunneling to private networks

Access to Out of Band Management (iLO, iDRAC, ASMB [Seneca])

Remote command and execution

Designed for Service Providers managing multiple end-users

xConnect act

Automatic Remote Command Execution

Mobile Push Notification

3rd Party API Posting

Email notifications


Increase Uptime

xConnect has built in situation management functions which can be programmed to perform actions as soon as an event is detected. While the error alert is pushed to your email, 3rd party application or mobile device, xConnect 2018 can perform alert-workflow tasks in the background.

  • If a camera is detected but is not recording properly, a workflow can trigger an automatic reboot of the camera
  • Should the VMS application service shows as “Stopped” or in “Error State”, the system can restart the VMS application service automatically
  • If multiple cameras are showing as “Offline”, the system can send a command to reboot the network switch

If an individual disk behind a RAID array is indicating a predictive failure, you can be notified to prepare replacement prior to a catastrophic failure

Aside from system performance monitoring, the above examples are real-world scenarios that would otherwise require a support call. Resolving glitches autonomously significantly reduces down time, as well as support calls. Increased uptime and immediate resolution response ensure confidence in mission critical environments while simultaneously reducing the TCO (total cost of ownership) for any given installation.

xConnect diagram

XConnect Free Agent

The xConnect Agent is included and pre-installed on all Network Video Recorders produced by Seneca. This agent is responsible for collecting real-time system information including a simple web interface for viewing current system health. The agent also has the ability to configure event thresholds and set an e-mail configuration for receiving alerts.

Additionally, this agent can be toggled between Standalone mode and Cloud-Enabled mode. When set to Cloud-Enabled mode, the agent serves as a secure medium between the agent’s background engine and the secure gateway appliance. The agent is designed to allow simple enablement between these two modes.

xConnect free agent dashboard