Seneca xConnect

Surveillance integrators require a solution that is capable of monitoring the status of their surveillance hardware. This is essential in order to ensure each system is performing as intended, while preventing future issues.

xConnect monitoring software, created by Seneca®, is designed to monitor, report and manage the overall health, environment and performance on xNVR surveillance hardware. This monitoring tool will help with predictive analysis to identify potential failure, allowing users to respond to these events.

  • System Monitoring
  • Immediate Alerts
  • Camera Connectivity


Customers require a solution that is performing as intended for video surveillance xConnect provides the tools and resources to ensure system operation and up-time, while preventing future issues.


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xConnect Key Features:
seneca xConnect dashboard

System Monitoring

The system home page is the go-to location for users to monitor key components that are critical to the integrity of your surveillance hardware.

  • Monitor system issues, environmental characteristics and performance from a single screen
  • System analysis can identify potential issues before a failure occurs highlighted in red
seneca xConnect alerts

Immediate Alerts

Receive instant notifications for critical issues on your NVR to take immediate actions.

  • Instant notifications sent via email
seneca xConnect cameras

Camera Connectivity

Monitor the registered camera on the network to indicate the connectivity and status of all the cameras on the network.

  • Instant notification when a camera becomes disconnected
seneca xConnect client

xConnect Client

The desktop web-based client allows customers to monitor the key components remotely.

  • Accessible through any network based device for on-the-go monitoring
  • Quick glance allows non-technical users to understand how the system is performing
  • Proactively resolve any problematic reports