BroadSign offers the industry’s most reliable and secure digital signage software. Their highly customizable automated processes save you time, streamline your workflows and drive more advertising revenues, giving you the freedom you need to grow your business.

BroadSign Core Digital Signage Software

Manually running and maintaining a digital signage network based on playlists can become burdensome. BroadSign Core is a secure, cloud-based platform designed to automate and streamline the digital signage content management workflow.
  • Rules-based automation enables playlist-free content distribution
  • Self-healing platform avoids the need for costly field technicians
  • Commitment to scalability enables you to grow your network with ease

The BroadSign platform is used by the world’s largest and most prestigious digital out-of-home media owners to efficiently and reliably operate their networks. BroadSign is the industry standard in venues­—airports, shopping malls, health clinics and cinemas—with automated, scalable and secure workflow including the BroadSign Core CMS for content playback and proof of performance. Let BroadSign Core do the work for you.

Media Players
seneca HDS HDS »
  • 100% solid state media player
  • Small foot print - 4.59 x 1.18 x 4.22 inches
  • Full operating system options
  • Single 1080p 60fps
seneca HDn HDN »
  • Internal Power Supply
  • Advanced thermal design
  • Dual independent 1080p 60fps
  • Single 2160p 60fps