Avant Memory

The Avant Solid State Drives combine enterprise class performance and reliability with low power operation to make the ideal drive. The high read and write performance of the Avant SSDs will satisfy the most demanding gamer and power user. While the low power mode extends battery life for the road warrior.

Providing an industry-leading bandwidth, Avant SSDs can approach the limits of the SATA 6Gb/s interface on large transfers. With its robust ECC algorithm and RAISE™ technology Avant SSDs protect your data for when you need it. The combination of these techniques provides data protection unrivaled in the storage industry.

avant solid state drive
Solid State Drives
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AVANT strives to eliminate the storage inefficiencies that can hold back a business and result in costly overhead expenses. A single AVANT PCIe solid state drive can deliver the performance of thousands of latency-ridden hard drives. Furthermore, our solutions' level of concentrated performance can lower costs associated with hardware failure, operating footprint, and energy consumption. Determined to help businesses realize the exponential value of flash-based storage, AVANT can help create a deployment strategy to address your unique challenges head-on and provide rapid ROI.

Fast Performance

  • Virtually zero spin up or seek times
  • Zero rotational latency
  • High sustained high-speed data transfers

Reduced Power Requirements

  • No moving parts
  • Super-low operating and standby power needs
  • Power requirements notably reduced over a typical HD


  • No volatile memory elements
  • Improved resistance to shock & vibration
  • Predictable and manageable failure modes reduce IT costs

Improved Operation

  • Noise and vibration free
  • Virtually no heat emissions
  • Lighter than conventional storage